Teacher of the year 2012

Teacher who survived 9/11 is awarded teacher of the year at Ford Avenue Elementary School. Watch this video and find out why she is admired and respected by her colleagues.  

Senor Thomas Interview

Teacher, Senor Thomas from Westwood Regional Junior Senior High, answers different questions for students Jacob Mund, Matt Davino, Bryan Quil.In this video, find out a few things about Senor Thomas including what he teaches and also learn about his favorit ...

2011 Milken Educator Award Presentation

In this video the Milken Family Foundation 2011 National Educator Award is presented to Georgia Mount Zion High School  teacher, Shekema Silveri. Congratulations!  

Get To Know: Jennifer Armstrong E.C. Glass Athletic Trainer

E.C. Glass High School student Chad Hobson produced this video showcasing the important role of Athletic trainer Jennifer Armstrong. In this video, Armstrong tells viewers the education, hard work, and dedication it has taken her to become and maintain her ...

Tribute to Dave Holley

 After ten years at Kirkwood High School, Principal Dave Holley, decided it was time for a change.  In this video Dr. Holley explains that although he is moving on from Kirkwood HS, he has deep appreciation for the school and loved every  da ...

Someday I would like to....

Willard students share what they would like to do someday.

Awkward Reporter

Lights? Camera? Action? In this funny video a Maddie, a student from Westside High School, proves that news broadcasting is not as easy as it looks.  The K12 Media Foundation highlights this video not only because it’s funny, but also wants to s ...



July 03, 2012

FFA Chapter Tribute - Waldron FFA Michigan

Waldron High School FFA was featured on "This Week in Agribusiness" during the chapter salute segment. Congratulations to them!